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Bespoke Nutrition

At Crediton Milling, we can provide a range of diets in either mash, pellet, or crumb form. Each diet is tailored to support optimal performance through all the stages of your bird’s life.

We source the best quality raw materials possible, thus supporting optimum efficiency and performance on farm. All our rations are designed to support the different stages of a bird’s life including:

  • Rearing
  • Laying
  • Finishing

Our high-quality crumbs, pellets and mash are designed to give birds the best start. Rearing is vital to a good performing laying flock, so it is essential that pullets are fed on the best quality feed.

A Chick held in a hand
A whole farm and industry approach to farm management is used at this stage in the process. We like to involve other industry professionals, where necessary, to ensure the best performance is achieved.

We are specialists in the free-range layer market but also supply bespoke rations for a range of poultry species including:

  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Quail
  • Turkey
  • Broilers

Eggs on Line All our rations are adaptable to suit several production systems; multi-tier, flat deck, mobiles, and alternative systems. Every bird is different, so it is imperative to treat every farm separately and adjust feed according to bird weight, egg size, production, and other measurable targets.

We can source additives from an array of different suppliers according to the requirements of your birds. These range from products for gut health, to shell quality, to grit and oyster shell.


Grist presentation is a hugely important part of poultry feed. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a consistent and correct grist to ensure that it’s presented in a form they want to eat.

Our years of knowledge give us the edge in making sure the mash is correct in uniformity and particle size.

“Presentation is key to optimal performance”

Published: Wednesday, 08 Mar 2023