Farming in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and the south west? Our team of animal feed specialists advise on cattle, sheep and poultry feed, manufactured and distributed throughout Devon and the west country.

Our specially developed range of animal feeds are nutritionally balanced to provide all the animal nutrition benefits necessary to keep your stock healthy and productive.



Our nutritionists and feed specialists come from practical farming backgrounds. We have either managed farms or have a farm at home.

Feed Production

Our mill manufactures any diet within reason. Our mill produces feed for small or larger businesses.

Cow Management

Our focus team are all members of the Register of Mobility Scorers, available to score your herd regularly.


Our dedicated team of forage specialists help you get the most out of your grassland and cropping.

Ancillary Products

Milk powders, Silage inoculants, Fertilisers and soil conditioners, Grass Seeds and other products.


Progressive nutritional approach

At CMC our nutritionists continue to progress, utilising the latest nutritional software, combined with a proactive and innovative approach to all farms.

Practical backgrounds

Our nutritionists and feed specialists are from hands on farming backgrounds, either ownership or management. We pride ourselves in the ability to deliver advance practical solutions, relative to every farmers requirements.

A team of individuals

Every customer needs’ are specific and specialised, very similar to our teams background and knowledge that they can provide on the ground or over the phone. We can provide you with solutions to fit each individual scenario.

Feed Production

State of the art mill

Our state of the art mill is based in Crediton in heart the Devon. The facility which has been recently rebuilt is currently the most modern animal feed production facility in the UK. This enables high output levels, combined with quality production. We can produce rolls, nuts, pellets, meal and blends.

Bespoke diets

We understand that you as a customer have different requirements for your feeds. We are in the very fortunate position that we can manufacture any diet for any customer within reason. The way our mill has been built ensures that we are able to produce feed for both small businesses and larger multi unit sites. All our feeds are fixed formulation and have been since 1964.

Mill History

There has been the mill on the site at Crediton since the 1700s. In 1964 Crediton Milling Company was founded to supply animal feed to local farmers. Since then it has continued to grow under the stewardship of the Gulley family, with the 4th generation now working in the mill. The founding principles which still apply today are:

  • Better rations
  • More value for money
  • A higher degree of service

Modern delivery fleet

Getting your feed on farm, on time, whatever the weather is imperative. We have a large modern fleet which combines many lorry sizes to ensure that we can meet your requirements. With 3T minimum drop sizes on bulk feeds we can provide you with the service you need. We also deliver bags via our smaller curtain side lorries and trucks.

Cow Management

Locomotion/Mobility scoring

Our focus team are all members of the Register of Mobility Scorers and are available to score your herd on a regular basis. These results can be used to improve lameness and productivity, but also used for your milk buyer as part of their quality assurance scheme. We provide results in graphical form and also provide individual cow lists for your foot trimmer, as well as tailor made advice on how to improve your lameness on farm.

Condition scoring

Our trained team will body condition score your cows, usually at the same time as mobility scoring. This enables both you and your CMC nutritionist to assess dietary effectiveness, also highlighting areas of improvement or potential future problems to ensure proactive intervention.


Costings are provided via a third party in this case Kingshay. Monthly costings are provided free of charge for customers with the option of discounted upgrades enabling access to forage costings, herd health monitoring and full farm costings.

Fertility reviews

Fertility reviews are carried out using Dairy Comp 305. This provides useful insights into fertility performance. In conjunction with your vet a fertility plan will be provided to help improve herd performance and profitability. This service also allows you to get more out of your milk recording data and get a real handle on your dry cow management.

Cow signals

Our team are all Cow Signal trained and we have 2 CowSignals® Masters. Our years of practical experience is also supported by academic qualifications. The team can help you understand the reasons behind what you are seeing on farm, letting your cows tell us what the pinch point on farm is.

Performance review

This is a combination of all the above services, providing you with a report that covers not only the financial but physical performance of your unit. It highlights key areas of improvement, thus enabling you to prioritise and target your investments to ensure the biggest return.


Soil sampling and Soil Fertility Review

We have a dedicated team of forage specialists; they are there to help you get the most out of your grassland and cropping. Soil samples are the basis of understanding what is going on in your soil. These range from standard soil samples to in-depth analysis looking at the physical, biological and chemical aspects of your soil.

Soil samples should be carried out every four years as part of a programme. The soil fertility review looks at individual fields. Our experts will dig some soil pits and produce a report guiding you as to which remedial action is required.

Fertiliser Plans

Our BASIS and FACTS qualified advisers will assess your farm and produce a fertiliser plan. As a result, this will maximise the use of your organic manures and target the use of inorganic fertilisers. We work closely with each farmer to ensure compliance. Tailored plans will recognise crops that are grown for feedstuffs and highlight any trace or macro elements.

NVZ reports

For those of you who are within an NVZ, we offer reports that will ensure you are compliant with the regulations.

Forage Budgets and monitoring

Growing enough quality forage to ensure your cows reach performance aspirations is vital. Putting together a forage budget allows you to see any potential shortfalls and think about alternative cropping. Our team will monitor this cut by cut, helping you with your decision-making process throughout the season. We work with you through the grazing season. We provide a bespoke grazing wedge programme or satellite monitoring, to guide you through the tricky balance of maximising storage performance and maintaining overall milk yields and quality.

Sward Assessment and Reseeding Plans

Knowing which fields to reseed, which fields to overseed and to leave is not an easy task. We will walk your farm with you to help asses which fields we can prioritise. This will ensure you maximum return on your spend. We can also recommend seed mixtures and alternative cropping to maximise dry matter yield on your farm.

Ancillary Products

Milk Powders

For over 25 years, Britmilk has specialised in calf, lamb and kid milk replacers. With our extensive range of Milk Replacers including Skim based and Whey based products we have a product suitable for all systems and budgets.

Britmilk milk replacers are the result of many years expertise and experience coupled with the constant aim of producing the finest milk products to feed to young calves and lambs.

Rearing calves successfully is probably the most difficult enterprise on any dairy farm or specialist calf rearing unit.

Britmilk Calf milk replacers are formulated to produce low osmolarity powders. Quality oils/fats are fully homogenised, this is when liquid fats/oils are mixed with skim or whey to create fat molecules of less than 2 microns in diameter which are then encapsulated in milk solids and spray dried at low temperature. This process results in less free fat in calf milk and leads to greater digestibility.

All Britmilk calf milk powders contain the health package Bio-Start which contains probiotics to seed the gut with beneficial bacteria. prebiotics in the form of mannan sugars derived from yeasts to mop up pathogenic bacteria and viruses and absorb mycotoxins. Specific proteins are present which help to prevent bad bacteria and viruses from attaching to the gut lining and thus reducing damage and leading to improved feed efficiency.  Calcium butyrate is added to stimulate gut health.

Many of our calf milk powders contain Biocox as standard and with some it is a option. Biocox is a blend of essential oils and plant extracts with its primary role to control the growth of undesirable organism and also enhance the immune system.

Additionally many of our milks contain Nature-Boost as standard. Nature-Boost is a complex combination of natural products to stimulate the immune system to help fight disease. It helps to open the airways for removal of harmful bacteria from the lungs. It also increases the inhibition of harmful bacteria within the gut and airways.

Silage inoculants

Fertilisers and soil conditioners

Grass Seeds

Other Products

Bespoke blends and precision TMR meals

In addition to our compound feeds we also manufacture bespoke blends and precision TMR meals to fit all farm requirements.

We also supply minerals and milk powders chosen by our specialist team in association with carefully selected suppliers.

Our ethos ensures the service and support behind those products is to the highest standard.