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Cow Management

Locomotion/Mobility scoring

Our Focus Team are all certified members of the Register of Mobility Scorers (RoMS) and are available to score your herd on a regular basis. These results can be used to produce foot trimmer reports, reduce lameness and improve productivity. Being RoMS accredited means that we can provide you with an independent scoring that can be used for milk processor quality assurance purposes. All scorers are also able to provide cleanliness and lesion scoring if so required.

Condition scoring

Our team will body condition score your cows, usually at the same time as locomotion scoring. This enables both you and your CMC nutritionist to assess dietary effectiveness, as well as highlighting areas for improvement and ensuring proactive intervention.


Costings are provided through Kingshay Dairy Manager. Monthly costings are provided free of charge for customers with the option of discounted upgrades, enabling access to forage costings, herd health monitoring and full farm costings.

Fertility reviews

Fertility reviews are carried out using Dairy Comp 305. This provides useful insights into fertility performance. In conjunction with your vet, a fertility plan will be provided to help improve herd performance and profitability. This service also allows you to get more out of your milk recording data and get a real handle on your dry cow management.

Cow signals

Our team are all Cow Signal trained and we have two CowSignals® Masters. Our years of practical experience is also supported by academic qualifications. The team can help you understand the reasons behind what you are seeing on farm – your cows will always tell us!

Calf Weighing (Weighband)

The biggest measure for performance in young calves is daily live weight gain (DLWG). We highly invest in these future profit generators as their feed efficiency is so much greater between birth and 12 weeks of age. We aim for a minimum DLWG of 0.8kg per day and in order to achieve this we need to manage, measure and monitor. This can be done using weigh cells but another very effective method is to use a weighband. This is a service we are able to offer you as a customer of Crediton Milling.

Performance review

This is a combination of all the above services, providing you with a report that covers not only the financial but physical performance of your unit. It highlights key areas of improvement, thus enabling you to prioritise and target your investments to ensure your business is adaptable and resilient.

Published: Wednesday, 08 Mar 2023