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A typical day

Kyrin Wiggins.

An early start this morning as I take my dog pack out for a quick walk before heading off to my first farm of the day. I arrived at Farm One at 5:30am, in time for the start of morning milking. I am there until 10:30am so that I can locomotion and body condition score the cows during milking time or as the cows go out to grass.

Then off to Farm Two. I tend to group farms together on their location so that I avoid travelling from Cornwall to Somerset in the same day. Occasionally on Farm Two I walk amongst the cows whilst they’re grazing and score them outside, however, it isn’t the greatest job (or particularly easy) when it’s raining – typical British weather!

Then onto Farm Three. I try and see a robot farm third as the cows are normally housed and if I’m behind or ahead of my appointments for that day, robot farms are typically a bit more flexible. I walk quietly amongst the robot herd, scoring each cow.

I do also score some farms during their afternoon milking or as the cows come in for milking from grazing.

Then it’s the journey home.

However, work isn’t finished as the scores I’ve taken for the day need to be typed up into reports and emailed back to the farmers and the CMC Feed Specialist responsible for that farm. There are usually plenty of jobs to do on the home farm and the dogs eagerly await their evening walk – there is no rest for the wicked!

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Published: Thursday, 09 Mar 2023