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Sheep Feed Information

Ewe Nuts & Rolls

A high quality nut for ewes pre and post lambing. This feed will provide the ewe with all the essential protein, digestible energy and vitamins that she requires for health lambs.

Features & Benefits
  • High energy and protein supply.
  • Balanced levels of energy and protein for optimum lamb growth and milk production
  • Excellent levels of vitamins and minerals.
  • High levels of minerals and trace elements for optimum ewe and lamb health and performance
  • Magnesium and phosphorus.
  • Required levels of magnesium, phosphorus and calcium to help reduce the risk of milk fever

Our layers diets are also available as a mash. Based on our commercial Free Range feeds our mash is not to be confused with a meal. It contains whole and partially ground grain to encourage natural foraging and to enable the gizzard to function efficiently and aid digestion. To be fed dry with supply of fresh water.

Premier Ewe

Including all of the benefits of the standard diet, the 18% Crude protein and 13 ME premier diet features Hipro Soya carefully balanced with Megalac plus Selplex and additional Vitamin E to 150 iu.
Hipro Soya – An excellent source of high quality protein and rumen bypass protein
Megalac – Extra energy for increased growth rates
Selpex – Improves milk production and lamb viability

Startrite Intensive Lamb Pellets

A high quality, well balanced feed for growing lambs. Feed ad lib from 1 week old to slaughter.

Lamb Finisher Pellets

A high quality, well balanced feed for finishing lambs.

Features & Benefits
  • Excellent energy levels
  • Helps promote optimal growth rates
  • Balanced levels of vitamins and minerals
  • Good levels of minerals and trace elements help to optimise growth rates and improve minerals and trace element status for optimum health and performance. Vitamin E and trace elements boost immune system
  • Highly palatable
  • Specialist flavour and careful ingredient selection ensures optimum intakes
  • Digestable fibre and starch
  • Minimise digestive upsets ensuring less scours and reduced mortality
  • Contains ammonium chloride and zero added magnesium
  • Helps reduce the risk of urinary stones

Published: Thursday, 09 Mar 2023